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What are the factors that affect the decision to invest in Pune?

November 24, 2021 | Silky Malhotra

What are the factors that affect the decision to invest in Pune?

There is a big difference between investing in 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments when it comes to making profits on the same and buying the same for actual personal use. Before one sets out to search for the property for investing money in, the first thing one need to figure out is the actual purpose of buying the property.

Buying property for personal use: If your purpose of buying property is to move into the same with the family one day and use it as your home, then the primary factors that would have to look into is the level of comfort, availability of the basic amenities, the proximity of the house to your workplace or school of the children and so on. The price or cost of the apartment would become the less important factor. People generally don’t want to compromise on the quality of amenities when they want to stay here. Moreover, you would also not be concerned much about the kind of appreciation the property would achieve in the next few years.

Investing in Pune in the upcoming residential projects: Many people want to buy a home for investment purposes only. They want to make a clean profit for themselves and thus won't be much bothered about the different facilities and designing of the property. Your primary concern would be the price at which it is available presently, and the future expected to a rise in the price of the same. You would also like to find out whether the property would have a great demand or not, or else selling the property in recent years can become extremely difficult for you.

Hence, before buying a property, knowing your purpose for investing in the property is important. Without this knowledge, you can make the correct and well-informed decision about the property is the best investment option for you. So, before making any decision, keep your eyes and mind open.

Prithvi Developers have launched Prithvi Proximus, which is a new residential project in Pune. The residential project is built on an area of 0.66 acres and is offering a studio and 2 BHK apartments that range from 562 sq. ft. to 794 sq. ft. The property has vitrified tiles flooring in the living room, wooden flooring in the master bedroom, vitrified tiles flooring in bedrooms, luster paint on interior walls, apex paint, powder-coated aluminum sliding door, and whatnot.

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